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How To Remove "Pitch Flicker" in a Pitch Detect Script....
Posted by: laconic ()
Date: December 16, 2009 08:17PM


I am using the "AS Pitch Detect Demo" and "AS Simple Pitch Detect Demo" as templates for a pitch detect script on which I'm working.

I have noticed in each of the running scripts, there is a "pitch detection flicker" that occurs, where the program seems to be measuring a pitch, even when there is no sound entering the input. I've put a gate on a digital sound input to make sure that no volume was entering the input, and the "pitch flicker" still occurs.

Is there some scripting I can use to remove the "pitch detection flicker" when no sound is entering the machine?

Any help would be appreciated.

Tim R.

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Re: How To Remove "Pitch Flicker" in a Pitch Detect Script....
Posted by: antoine schmitt ()
Date: December 17, 2009 12:31AM

normally the pitch detection algorithms in both apps do not detect a pitch unless there is sound coming in, i.e. the incoming volume is above a certain threshold.
There is probably a problem in your configuration which makes sound come in, or maybe a buzz internal to the sound card ? Try the Windows standard recording app (in accessories) to check what is heard by the computer. Or on a Mac, check the sound input preference to see the incoming level.

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