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asUDP ported to D11, now shockwave-safe and autodownlodable, and for a price !
Posted by: antoine schmitt ()
Date: March 25, 2008 09:41PM

Many news for asUDP :

- it has been ported to d11 ! Yippee. Just download the new version (3.0) from the asUDP page. Note that this new version is _NOT_ compatible with the previous ones. This is because Director11 strings are now Unicode and so cannot contains binary data any more. So a new datatype has been introduced ("bytes"winking smiley to hold the UDP data received and sent. This introduces (small) changes in the asUDP API. This means that you need to change your existing lingo that addressed previous versions of asUDP, especially the sendBytes and getBytes functions.

- I have changed the getLocalIP and getBytesWithSenderInfo functions so that they return crypted IPs when used in shockwave. These crypted IPs can be used to send data, but are not human-readable. This allowed me to make the Xtra shockwave-safe and autodownlodable, because it now complies to Adobe's recommendations about shockwave-safeness.

- given all this work, I now sell the Xtra. Small price, but real price. This Xtra is a professionnal piece of software, it deserves its price. I hope so at least.

Enjoy !

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